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Hello, my dear friends,

JohnIf you read this blog, you use a computer or notebook. Therefore, you would need a desk for sure. At home, you can even avoid it. Which way? Placing your PC on your knees or the floor, you can work or entertain. You may feel comfortable and relaxed this way. However, it would affect your health or impede the airflow of your computer.

How Can I Help You with Your Choice?

If you work in an office, a study in a college or university, a desk is a must. As for me, I am an office worker. By the way, my name is John. Spending a lot of time sitting at my desk, I can’t stop thinking about these pieces of furniture. I would tell you, I am a modest interior designer.

Working for a small company that deals with office furniture distribution, I am busy with space planning. Yes, CAD drawing is my professional field. However, I wouldn’t discuss the software with you. It’s too task-oriented.

Meanwhile, would you like to know the latest office design trends? I come from Los Angeles that is well- known as a fashion & design capital of the world. Therefore, I know from my experience that modern office spaces are:

  • open;
  • experience-driven;
  • free-range;
  • green.

Office spaces are becoming unconventional, creative. They are designed to promote collaboration, flexibility, innovation. Together with plenty of meditation areas, portable walls and plants, lightweight, transparent and mobile furniture is a part of a contemporary office concept.

Why Do I Like Glass Desks?

Modern office environment is transparent, flexible and versatile nowadays. Glass walls, doors and windows radiate the space, encourage socialization, promote transparency in relations between the team members. So does glass furniture. It’s elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

Glass furniture makes your room look well-lit and spacious. Meanwhile, modern transparent desks are:

  1. durable;
  2. easy-to-maintain;
  3. eco-friendly;
  4. stain and moisture-resistant.

Are you still afraid that your glass desk or another piece of furniture cracks or break? I’ll recommend you some excellent glue products to repair it. I hope it helps you feel comfortable when you work. So, I am looking forward to your questions and feedback. Be inspired and creative.


John J. Winter