Best Glue for Glass to Plastic

best glue for glass to plastic

Glass is a perfect material. It’s transparent and hard, looking attractive and decorative. But its smooth surface is tricky to adhere to any materials. Most polymers are also non-porous. Not every adhesive can create a strong bond. You need your best glue for glass to plastic to stick parts together.

Meanwhile, you need it often. Glass vases, lens and mirrors are easily breakable. Plastic items are even more fragile. They crack after multiple drops. It happens due to shrinkage or deformation. Of course, you won’t repair cheap household wares. But a strong adhesive makes your automotive, plumbing or craft project successful.

6 Best Glue for Glass to Plastic in 2024

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1. Clear Gorilla Glue: Incredibly Strong, Versatile Adhesive

Good versatile glue should be always at hand. It’s necessary to repair your shoes and minor items. Sometimes you face greater challenges. When legs of your bathroom vanity chair crack, it seems heavy. Glass top of your coffee table is not fragile. It’s heat, scratch and shatter-resistant. Modern decorative pieces of furniture don’t break.

Only a vintage, 30-years-old item might split. If you drop it during a move to your new house, it may happen. It’s not a reason to be butt hurt, as it’s easy to fix your furniture. Clear Gorilla glue solves the task easily. It’s water-resistant, so you can use renewed objects in your bathroom.

Clear adhesive suits automotive applications. It helps you to attach hand grips to your motorcycle or fenders to your vehicle. Does Gorilla Glue bond plastic to glass? It’s perfectly versatile. Attaching non-porous surfaces, dampen one of them with water.

Additional Recommendations

Gorilla glue works well on any material, but for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. High plasticizer or oil content prevents creating permanent, strong bond. It doesn’t foam. Gorilla adhesive dries clear, so you avoid sloppy mess. Additionally, it suits outdoor use, withstanding anything, apart from heavy rainfalls.

  • strong;
  • versatile;
  • dries clear;
  • weather-resistant;
  • non-foaming.
  • it takes a while to dry and set;
  • a bit runny.


Gorilla clear glue is strong and flexible. It works on non-porous surfaces like glass and plastic. You can use it is your bathroom, as it withstands heat and moisture. The glue dries a bit longer than Original or Superglue. But it suits multiple indoor and outdoor applications.

2. Loctite Glass Glue: Adhesive that Bonds Glass and Non-Porous Materials

At home, you solve multiple repair and installation tasks every day. You may need to install a wall trim or tile backsplash. But your cherished glassware cracks much more often. Every figurine, bowl, and sparkling crystal vase is breakable. Your active child or pet might knock it down occasionally.

Make sure, nobody hurts himself with shards. Sharp glass edges might injury your dog or family member. Your cherished glassware is totally safe. Several parts that fall apart are easy to attach. Loctite glue creates lasting, durable bond. It requires no clamping and dries completely clear. So, it works well even on crystal wine glasses and Swarovski ornaments.

Do you need to attach a handle of your ceramic spoon? This perfect glass glue does the job. It sets fast during 15-50 seconds, forming durable joints. So, your favorite spoon or thick-wall glass would be dishwasher-safe after repair. It works if the glassware is meant to cleaning in a dishwasher initially.

Additional Information

Check every plastic item separately. PE plastic doesn’t resist heat. Manufacturers don’t recommend using the adhesive on PP, PE, and PTFE plastics. They exclude rubber and silicone. So, the glue works on certain plastic items, like polystyrene, ABS or polycarbonate. After setting, the bond withstands exposure of moisture. It resists heat (up to 180° F), chemicals like motor oil, ethanol, etc.

  • fast-bonding;
  • dries clear;
  • requires no clamping;
  • works on non-porous surfaces;
  • can be used in a dishwasher with a gentle mode;
  • easy to use due to thin tube nozzle and handy cap.
  • suits indoor use only;
  • it won’t fill gaps between glassware parts.


Glass glue by Loctite is fast-setting and strong. It bonds non-porous materials perfectly well. It dries clear, creating durable, water-resistant bonds. Fixed items would be dishwasher-safe on gentle cycle and low heat. So, Loctite adhesive works on your glassware and decorative items.

3. Kiss Molecular Super Bond: Best Glue for Glass Outdoor Use

Do you still need a versatile glue? An adhesive that suits all applications exists. Initial one is prosthetics. So, Kiss Super Bond is strong, flexible and reliable. Nowadays, you can use it to repair your favorable antique glassware. Quick-drying adhesive helps you to attach mirrors to plastic.

Broken eyeglasses are easy to fix now. Their plastic frames look like new. Clear, thin-layer adhesive is virtually invisible. What about your PVC tubes? Even if they leak, don’t trip, dude. Your cyanoacrylate adhesive eliminates the leakage instantly. It’s flexible and totally waterproof. So, it suits certain outdoor applications.

You might already know cyanoacrylate as super glue: it’s strong and fast-drying. Kiss glue is pasty, not liquid. Meanwhile, it’s handy to have a large (1.94 oz.), long-lasting bottle of glue. Store it in your fridge and it lasts for up to 2 years after opening. Specially designed cap keeps it from drying.

Useful Information

Additionally, molecular glue is safe and top-quality. As a result, it has a comparatively low odor. Maryland-based, Kiss Company delivers it from Germany. Besides, nail polish remover or any other solvent keeps your fingers clean.

  • versatile;
  • flexible, adaptive to materials;
  • strong;
  • water-proof;
  • long-lasting bottle.
  • sticks to your hands if you don’t wear gloves;
  • it doesn’t work on polyethylene plastics, cheap silicone and rubber.


Super Bond Glue by Kiss Adhesives LLC is strong and highly adaptive. It works on any surface, including glass, PVC and some other plastics. The glue is waterproof, suiting multiple industrial, construction and household applications. But be sure to follow safety precautions. Kiss glue dries instantly. It may stick to your hands.

4. Bob Smith Industries BSI-157H: Strong, Quick-Cure Adhesive

Have you got a hobby? It might be a breathtaking, gnarly activity. Thus, airplane or vehicle modeling is fun. It releases stress and lets you show your worth as an artist, painter and engineer. Tiny, sophisticated plastic parts might be difficult to fit. With the superglue by BSI they are intuitive to attach.

Aquarium maintenance is another issue. Above all, this hobby requires a lot of your precious time. Complex system includes lighting, water filtering. Plants and rocks are also necessary to keep exotic fishes healthy. Leaking aquarium seams may require fixing. Only a safe, super strong, and waterproof adhesive is acceptable.

So is BSI-157H. It’s a combo, heavy-duty, but not a two-part adhesive. It doesn’t require impractical mixing. Maxi-Cure is a kind of well-known cyanoacrylate or super glue. Most importantly, it cures within 8-10 seconds, building a strong bond. Insta-set acts as a catalyst and accelerator. Spray it on the seams several seconds before or after CA glue application. It reinforces joint strength and streamlines cure reactions.

Useful Recommendations

Can you glue things to glass, using BSI-157H adhesive? It works on diverse porous and non-porous surfaces. Combo glue is compatible with diverse surfaces, including hard plastics and smooth glass. In 3-8 hours it dries completely, becoming strong, heat and water-resistant. But be careful with the bottle tip. Soak its external part in acetone to avoid hardening.

  • strong;
  • easy to work with;
  • pasty and viscous;
  • versatile;
  • instant cure.
  • I wish its tip nozzle was finer;
  • don’t glue your fingers together!


BSI-157H is a strong, fast-setting adhesive. It works on multiple surfaces, including hard plastics and glass. Combo adhesive suits your sophisticated hobby like modeling. Household repair tasks are also manageable. Spray-accelerator is a unique solution. It increases adhesion effectiveness.

5. Rhino Pro Kit: Heavy-Duty, Commercial-Grade Adhesive

Automotive maintenance is more than a hobby. Being a car enthusiast, you can ask for professional services. But when it goes about car detailing and minor interior repair, it’s safe and simple. You can eliminate small damages in your vehicle windshield or window by yourself.

Ultra glue by Rhino suits the application. It withstands heat, moisture and vibrations. The adhesive works on vinyl and hard plastics. Thus, you can use it to restore your steering wheel, vinyl and leather upholstery. Rhine Pro Kit solves vintage furniture restoration tasks efficiently. It helps you to rejoin plastic wicker to an outdoor chair.

Rhino glue bonds rubber, fiberglass, resin, PVC and ABS materials pretty good. When you need to deal with a household repair or craft project, it’s so clutch! What is the difference? Rhino adhesive seems to be a kind of super glue. I guess its base is cyanoacrylate. It bonds instantly, within 30-60 seconds.

But it’s faster, stronger and clearer than other commonly-used adhesives. Its formula is toughened to resist shocks and impacts. Additionally, there are 3 different size bottles within your set. How can I glue glass to glass permanently? Use ultra-tough Rhino glue or thick gel.

Brief Instructions for Use

Brush in the small bottle helps you to spread the adhesive evenly on the surface. Remove excess glue. Thin layer is dank to create a strong, reliable bond. Join the parts and hold for a few minutes. Don’t forget to wipe the nozzle tip after use. It’s necessary to prevent the glue hardening.

  • heavy-duty;
  • toughened to resist impacts, moisture, heat and vibrations;
  • instant to set;
  • bonds a wide range of materials and hard to bond plastics;
  • handy set with a brush.
  • too thick to fill voids;
  • it still doesn’t work on soft plastic, like PE.


Rhino glue is CA-based. But it’s hardened, ultra-tough. Heavy-duty adhesive bonds a wide range of materials, including vinyl, glass, ABS and PVC plastic. It resists impacts, shocks and vibrations. Additionally, it includes 3 dissimilar, easy-to-use bottles.

6. Mitreapel CA 200/AC 400: Mega Instant 2-Component Adhesive

Do you need to repair your old furniture? Plastic outdoor tables and chairs might be difficult to fix. Super CA glue by Mitreapel does the job. Is the formula unique? Iguess Turkish Beta Kimya Inc. Company invented it. Mitreapel looks very similar to other CA adhesives, especially the product by BSI.

Common Representation

What are the common features? The glue is durable. It works on multiple materials, including glass, stone and ceramics. It sticks to most plastic products, except PE and PP. It suits construction, fixing, repairing, DIY and model making applications. Super glue by Mitreapel bonds all parts of your favorite teacup in 5-12 seconds.

It helps you to reattach the lid to your laundry hamper or a handle to your cherished bowl. Some differences still exist. What is the best way to glue plastic to glass? Viscous liquid is beneficial. It’s possible to apply thick glue on vertical surfaces.

Several drops of adhesive hold heavy objects. So, you consume low amounts of glue and the bottle lasts long. Additionally, AC 400 spray activator ensures clean bonding results. It reduces cure time and lets you avoid project mess.

  • durable joint;
  • viscous;
  • outdoor usage is possible;
  • bonds non-porous materials, vertical surfaces and heavy objects;
  • low-consumption.
  • cap and nozzle of CA bottle are not too handy in use.


Mega Instant Adhesive by Mitreapel is a kind of multi-purpose, super (CA) glue. It bonds various materials instantly, building a strong bond. After drying, it’s totally clear. But this liquid is thick and viscous. Therefore, it works on smooth, vertical glass and plastic surfaces. Mitreapel glue holds heavy glass objects securely.

Buyers Guide

Glass is a versatile and practical material. It’s durable and decorative. But common glass is fragile. It breaks easily. It might be difficult to fix glass objects due to smooth surfaces and heavy weights. Hard plastics like ABS and PVC are also commonly used nowadays. Manufacturers use them, producing various devices, warehouse and outdoor furniture.

Multifarious door frame liners and automotive parts consist of hard plastics. They are durable, heat, and impact-resistant. ABS plastic is more lightweight and less fragile than glass. Sometimes it cracks, especially under force. Do you want to repair the crack? It might be a tricky task. Plastic doesn’t stick to glass and other substances easily. So, you’ll need a very strong adhesive.

What is the Strongest Glue for Glass?

Several types of glue suit the application. Their formulas matter. Suitable glue bases include:

  1. Silicone.
  2. Cyanoacrylate.
  3. Epoxy.

Silicone sealant is beneficial. It’s flexible, transparent, waterproof and heat-resistant. It resists impacts and vibrations. So, silicone glue suits heavy-duty applications, like automotive. But tensile strength of the joint might be only about 8-12 MPa. Additionally, the adhesive doesn’t suit craft and hobby applications. It emits unpleasant, toxic odor.

Epoxy glues are much stronger. They resist loads and stress up to 30 MPa. But epoxy resins are prone to absorb moisture and oil. It takes some time to cure, being a bit runny or watery. Your best glue for glass is to be high viscosity. It requires no pressure to set. Thick glue is strong, able to hold heavy-weight glass objects.

Thus, cyanoacrylate adhesives are beneficial. Both users and sellers commonly call them “super” or “crazy” glues. These liquids are the fastest to bond. They dry clear, being totally invisible even onsparling crystal glassware. CA glues are cost-effective, as several drops are efficient to bond surfaces. Joint strength is about 25 MPa, and it’s above target.

Right Now interesting information about best glue for glass!

What Are the Adhesives and Techniques Used to Glue Glass to Plastic?

Fast-bonding, super glue can’t be completely safe. It releases toxic fumes. They may irritate your skin eyes and respiratory tract. So, use it only in a well-ventilated room. Don’t forget to wear gloves and protective mask. During heavy days when wildfire smoke is in the air, I would not recommend using any adhesive. It may increase risk of poisoning.

Thus, going to reattach plastic parts to glass:

  • get a bottle of suitable glue;
  • remove its cap;
  • cut the nozzle tip;
  • clean and wipe the surfaces;
  • apply several drops of adhesive;
  • join the surfaces and squeeze a bit;
  • wait for several seconds and leave the fixed object alone.

The joint needs several hours to dry totally. Depending on the glue, you may need to dampen the surface or clamp the objects. So, follow the manufacturer’s directions. Don’t forget about safety precautions and enjoy usage of your renewed stuff.

How to glue glasses back together??

The best glue for repairing glasses and gluing glass is an epoxy resin adhesive. Epoxy is exceptionally strong at binding glass together and offers other advantages as well:

  • Clear Drying – Many epoxy varieties dry transparent so glass repairs are nearly invisible
  • Gap Filling – Epoxy can bridge gaps between glass fragments, creating tight seals even with imperfect fits
  • Waterproof – Cured epoxy bonds form waterproof seals that hold up during hand washing
  • Heat/Chemical Resistant – Epoxy maintains glass bonds even under high heat and repeated chemical exposures
  • Flexible Cure – Some epoxy allows flexibility for glasses and other items subject to vibration/drops
  • For consumer use, most opt for a convenient two-part epoxy in syringes for mixing and applying the activated adhesive. This avoids toxic fume issues with independent resin/hardener containers.

Overall epoxy is the best bet for mending broken glassware, jewelry, ceramics and other transparent objects. Best glue for glasses – is the cured transparent bond is far superior to super glue, hot glue and other standard household adhesives. Just ensure both glass surfaces are clean before applying activated epoxy resin for lasting repairs.

Bottom Line

Do you need to glue plastic to glass? Several CA products do the job. All of them are fast-bonding, clear and strong. But every formula is unique. Clear Gorilla Glue is a bit runny but efficient. Loctite helps you to reattach tiny parts of delicate items. Kiss Super Bond is highly flexible and adaptive. It creates secure bonds, releasing low odor.

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