Best Glue for Metal Miniatures

best glue for metal miniaturesYour household or professional tasks might be daunting and sophisticated. You may have to repair your charger cable or electrical connections: they beneficially come with metal wire or tiny parts. Anyway, you can fit your thrilling hobby into your busy schedule. Therefore, your best glue for metal miniatures should be always at hand.

Assembling impressive models might be daunting. A keen hobbyist connects large metal pieces. Which adhesive is able to deal with sleek metal surfaces? It is to be hella strong, fast-setting and easy to use. Joining or sealing metal parts without soldering or welding might be challenging. So, let me recommend several stellar products that ease the job.

6 Best Glue for Metal Miniatures in 2024

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1. Loctite Liquid: Best Glue for White Metal Miniatures

glue for white metal miniaturesMost metal models are soft and touchy. They contain malleable, soft pewter metal. It’s not our customary impact and scratch-resistant material. These impressive miniatures on 99% consist of silvery tin metal. Additionally, they include a grip of delicate tiny parts.

Fast-bonding cyanoacrylate glue attaches them pretty well. Its gel-like texture is beneficial. Professional adhesive by Loctite is a legit example. Having low viscosity, it suits close-fitting repairs. Super glue bonds various surfaces, including smooth and non-porous ones. It penetrates hard-to-bond cracks, filling them with clear, virtually invisible solution.

Basic Physical and Application Properties

Loctite super glue is beneficial, as it dries clear. It stands out by impressive performance, that is:

  1. Set time – 5-45 sec.
  2. Service temperature – 180° F or below.
  3. Application temperature –not lower than 50° F.
  4. Tensile strength – 290-2900 psi.

Professional glue cures completely within 12-24 hours. It creates strong, impact and water-resistant bond. Meanwhile, its shear strength and time to get it varies. It depends significantly on the material you seal and attach. Thus, if your join smooth, degreased steel surfaces, the sticky substance sets longer. It requires 20-45 seconds to dry without clamping. But in 72 hours, Loctite adhesive obtains high strength, up to 3500 psi.

Not only the Loctite formula is stellar. Professional CA glue stands out by handy bottle. Pin-point nozzle and screw-on cap are unique features: this way, a professional product suits your precise craft and hobby projects. The liquid never drips or oozes. It doesn’t clog on the tip, enabling clean and long-time use.

  • strong;
  • fast-setting;
  • dries clear;
  • requires no clamping;
  • moisture and chemicals resistant.
  • not completely flexible;
  • it won’t fill gaps between your metal parts.


Liquid professional super glue by Loctite is fast-setting and strong. It suits filling tiny cracks in metal parts. Super adhesive bonds silvery, smooth tin miniature surfaces reliably. Pinpoint nozzle lets you apply it neatly and get an invisible joint.

2. Glue Masters High-Viscosity: Best Super Glue for Metal Miniatures

super glue for metal miniaturesYour household tasks are very important. You may want to repair your shoes to go out and hang out with your friends. Your wooden or plastic furniture may crack in several decades of use. Renew it, creating a thin, clear bond. Repairing leather or vinyl car seats is easy with a suitable adhesive.

Your handbags or belts may require renovation too. But your crafts and hobbies are beyond compare. Putting puzzles together, crafting unique handmade jewelry, you feel inspired. Model-building is special. It lets you develop your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Premium thick adhesive by Glue Masters suit various applications. It lets you build your prominent trains, boats or planes. They consist of fine delicate materials, like styrene plastics and so on. Industrial-strength adhesive lets you attach tiny parts seamlessly.

Features and Benefits

Cyanoacrylate adhesive by Glue Masters is versatile and easy to use. The liquid stands out by:

  1. The highest possible purity.
  2. 700 cps. (centipoise) viscosity.
  3. Up to 60 sec. cure time.
  4. Extended shelf life and versatility.

First of all, this top-quality solution is clear, not prone to whitening issues. Its strong formula is matchless. The glue dries fast, allowing you to assemble your miniatures flawlessly. Due to premium thickness, you can use the solution as a gap filler. Additionally, a long, thin nozzle lets you reach the most inaccessible spots. A protective cap keeps the liquid from solidifying, extending its shelf life.

  • strong;
  • quick-fixing;
  • versatile;
  • thick;
  • well-designed, jam-free bottle.
  • releases strong, toxic fumes;
  • difficult to remove from your hands.


Professional-grade adhesive by Glue Masters is thick and fast-bonding. Talented cyanoacrylate specialists have designed this line of products in 2015. They have created it especially for craft and model-building applications. Thick-viscosity formula is beneficial, as it features perfect gap-filling abilities. Additionally, a handy bottle with long, thin nozzle allows precise and neat adhesive application.

3. Gorilla Super Glue: Stellar Adhesive for Smooth and Vertical Surfaces

stellar adhesive for smooth and vertical surfacesYour toy soldiers are pretty delicate. They break easily, leaving separate smooth surfaces. Vertical splits are especially challenging. So, if you accidentally broke your model’s arm or leg, use Gorilla Super Glue. It’s fast, versatile and impact-resistant.

Does Gorilla Glue really work on metal? Smooth vertical surfaces are tricky to stick together. Minuscule parts of your broken tin soldier may fell off or slide while drying. Super glue solves the task efficiently.

Technical Characteristics

CA adhesive holds metal pieces together cosmetically. When it goes about miniatures, high strength is not decisive. But Gorilla glue is still impact-tough. Coming with itty-bitty rubber particles, it absorbs drops and shocks efficiently. Additionally, it’s thick and fast-setting, so it holds up well.

How would you describe Gorilla adhesive performance? It’s beneficially:

  1. Clear.
  2. Sandable.
  3. Fast-drying (within 10-45 seconds).
  4. Suitable to apply at room temperature.
  5. Withstanding a wide range of temperatures (from -65°F to 220°F) upon setting.

Use it indoors, in a large, well-ventilated room. It’s effortless to apply the adhesive, as the bottle comes with a user-friendly anti-clog cap. Having a sharp metal pin inside, Gorilla glue is intuitive to dispense.

  • strong;
  • super-fast;
  • easy-to-dispense;
  • thick;
  • versatile.
  • sets so fast that you can glue yourself to your miniatures;
  • the bottle is intricate to squeeze when it’s half-empty.


Gorilla super glue is quick-fixing and impact-tough. It’s quite efficient to bond tiny parts of pewter miniatures. The glue is thick and high-performance. It works even on vertical and smooth metal surfaces. But don’t forget to wear gloves, as it sets up instantly.

4. HG Power Multipurpose: Best Adhesive for Metal Fixtures

adhesive for metal fixturesI would never recommend you use glue to install your furniture frames. No adhesive is efficient enough to fasten large metal surfaces. It can’t give you legit adhesion. Glass desks with metal frames require reliability. They are to be stable. So, you’ll need to drill it and use large-diameter bolts with nuts.

Small metal parts, like wire in the cable core or jewelry chain loops are much easier to attach. Welding glue by HG Power suits the application. It features the same, CA base. But its formula is completely different.

Properties and Performance

Industrial-grade adhesive by HG Power is strong and long-lasting. It has 6 times more sticking strength than regular water-based adhesives. It’s beneficially:

  1. Heat and cold-resistant.
  2. Workable.
  3. Durable.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Chemicals and UV-resistant.

HG Power’s masterpiece withstands temperatures from – 49°F to 239°Fahrenheit. It suits a grip of applications, including automotive. Using this unique solution, you can easily repair any crack. It might be in your vehicle bumper or highlight bracket. Your child’s favorite toy soldier or plane model is no exception.

Working in combination with a powder, the glue is highly performant. It sticks well to diverse materials, bonding rubber, wooden, porcelain and stone items. It’s only not efficient on absorbent materials like textile and soft plastics (PE and PP). As to vertical surfaces, it’s not your best choice.

A two-component solution that includes powder is to mix efficiently. Craft and modeling applications are neither its strong suit. The glue dries and becomes white, so it’s not always acceptable.

  • super strong;
  • fast-setting (within 5 seconds);
  • long-lasting due to special dozing tip;
  • suits a grip of heavy-duty applications;
  • heat-resistant.
  • doesn’t adhere to plastic components;
  • not efficient on vertical surfaces.


Welding glue by HG Power is hella strong and durable. It works on glass, wooden and metal surfaces pretty good. You can choose it to fix cracks and fill holes in any items. It dries fast and becomes perfectly sandable and drillable. Additionally, the adhesive is perfectly temperature-resistant. So, it suits automotive applications.

5. Pascofix Industrial: Strong Crazy Glue for Car and Motorcycle Repairs

strong crazy glue for car and motorcycle repairsIt may seem that all crazy glues are similar. They are fast-bonding, ready-to-use and efficient. But every product is unique. Industrial adhesive by Pasco Fix stands out by innovative formula. It suits any heavy-duty project, meeting all its purposes.

Professional German chemists have developed their first high-performance glue 30 years ago. This masterpiece of modern chemistry is a result of extensive research process. It’s beneficially versatile, meeting the needs of various customers. It suits a grip of commercial and household applications.

Features and Benefits

Industrial-strength glue is similar to its Austrian counterpart. As well as HG Power’s product, it’s beneficially:

  1. Chemical-resistant.
  2. Flexible.
  3. Intuitive to handle and use.
  4. Storage-stable.
  5. Resilient.

It withstands the widest possible range of temperatures: from -49 to 257 degrees. Therefore, you can use it on plastic and small metal motorcycle parts. It works on stainless steel mirror stem, withstanding vibrations and harsh winds. Manufacturers use the solution in multiple areas, including dental, electrical, and jewelry industry.

Does it meet model-building requirements? It works virtually on all materials. But try to consider its specific make. Actually, the glue is not two-component, for example, like epoxy. The set includes 2 products: industrial glue itself and filler. If you need to join two polished steel surfaces, a thin layer of glue is enough. The same concerns small miniature, jewelry chain loops and absorbent materials like textile.

Use granulate when you need to fill holes or grooves. Are certain plastic parts of your domestic appliance too fragile? If it’s not possible to collect the shard, rebuild missing washing machine knobs with glue. Now it’s possible to stick tricky PP, PE and silicone materials. But you have to use Pasco Primer beforehand.

  • strong;
  • multi-purpose;
  • suits to fill holes or rebuild plastics parts;
  • sandable, machinable and paintable after hardening;
  • simple and fast to use.
  • you are to study how to apply the glue to various surfaces;
  • the nozzle is not long and thin enough.


Industrial-strength adhesive by Pasco Fix is strong and multi-purpose. It works on virtually all materials, with the filler and primer, or without them. It suits a grip of commercial and household applications. Additionally, you can use it to reconstruct a broken part.

6. Yanyi Moldable Putty Stick: Durable Epoxy Resin Glue

durable epoxy resin glueIn your household, a lot of sturdy metal parts are useful. Containing steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and other alloys, they are reliable and stiff. Can you buy any glue suitable to repair metal desk frames? They’ll never crack. It’s simply impossible. But you can find hella strong adhesive to attach handles, feet, etc.

Benefits and Applications

You may also need to seal pipes, drainage sewers, fix leaks in tanks and vessels. Epoxy stick by Yanyi Store does the job. It’s extremely strong, tough to remove. Upon hardening, it becomes as tight as metal or stone materials. It’s able to repair cracks in concrete or metal chains of your lighting fixtures.

What is the best glue for rubber to metal? Gap-filling properties are essential, for sure. Yanyi putty stick suits various applications, including:

  1. Automotive.
  2. Underwater.
  3. Outdoor.
  4. Household repairing.
  5. Metal, stone and glass bonding.

Putty glue sets within 10 minutes. It hardens completely, becoming permanently fixed after 24 hours of drying. The joint is beneficially corrosion, water, heat and cold resistant. Of course, it’s not as easy to use as CA glues. But the tube is as user-friendly as possible. It contains premeasured portions of epoxy resin and hardener or curing agent inside.

You are to knead it by hand and fill the holes with the glue. It’s pretty elastic to shape. It will be sandable, paintable and machinable in a day of drying. But you won’t get it thin enough. Tiny miniatures repairing or jewelry repairing requires liquid solution.

You’ll get perfect parts performance, but not too sophisticated look. Additionally, its dark green color that finally gets greige is not always acceptable. It may match some of your Greenskin Goblins, but not all miniatures and items.

  • stiff like a rock or metal
  • suits underwater and outdoor applications;
  • flexible, elastic;
  • temperature-resistant;
  • comparatively safe to use, as it emits no toxic fumes.
  • sticky texture, not good to create a thin, aesthetically pleasing joint;
  • a bit long to mix and dry.


Epoxy putty stick by Yanyi Store is strong and moldable. It suits your household plumbing repairing applications the best. It smells during mixing process but doesn’t release toxic fumes. You may repair your figurines with it, but the result won’t be completely neat and clear.

Buyers’ Guide

Playing table-top war games and modeling custom figurines is exciting. Not only your children, but you and all your family members may get carried away by the hobby. Subtle scenery and strategy aspects matter. Additionally, it’s a great way to tell your children about major historical events.

It entertains your kids and helps them develop a variety of skills. Ability to think strategically is fundamental. So, before playing miniature war game, you are to:

  • collect a grip of toy soldiers, vehicles and artillery;
  • assembly them, gluing the parts together;
  • paint the figurines;
  • mount a battlefield on a tabletop;
  • study historical background or fantasy game plan.

Aesthetics is very important. Original Warhammer models have distinctive look, meeting specific scaling requirements. These miniatures don’t have to be very tough and durable. But you would like to create a neat, invisible joint and paint them properly.

How Do You Glue Metal Warhammer Figures?

Comprising of thin parts, modern wargaming miniatures are extremely fragile. They are tiny, commonly not exceeding 1.1 inches (28mm) in height. So, your impressive figurine may crack easily. Maybe, some of them are made of flowers, like Shinji’s little girl. So, you’ll need liquid, easy to apply glue to repair them.

Super, crazy or cyanoacrylate adhesives hit the target. They are ready-to-use, fast-setting and strong enough for the application. Additionally, CA glues dry clear, creating an invisible seam. But super glues are not the same. They differ by:

  • thickness or viscosity;
  • color;
  • service and application temperature;
  • tensile and shear strength.

How do you glue metal models? First of all, you are to select and buy a suitable adhesive. Concentrated, high-viscosity solutions are beneficial. Gel glues dry faster, creating a reliable, strong bond. Additionally, due to polymerization, whitening issues are possible. To prevent them, wipe pewter surfaces initially with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Clean and dry the crack, then apply the adhesive and let it dry.

How Do You Glue Mini Resin?

Time-rested pewter miniatures are still popular. Consisting of malleable alloy, they are decorative and ductile. It means, if you’ve got a top-quality ancient tin soldier, you can bend his arms or legs. They won’t crack or split. You can dent or scratch the surface easily during the battle. It tarnishes with time but doesn’t break.

Modern Warhammer figurines are very fragile and delicate. Manufacturers produce them from plastic or resin. I guess they consist of synthetic polyurethane or polystyrene materials. They are much more porous and flexible than tin metal. Coming out of molds, new resin miniatures come with a lubricant layer.

So, you should wash them properly before gluing. You can use a wet cotton swab, therefore. Remove dirt, oil and grime to improve adhesion. Dry the surface with a soft cloth. If you want to bond small resin parts together, fast-drying CA glue is suitable. Use bottle tip to spread the glue. Therefore, items with thin and long, clog-free nozzles are beneficial.

Right Now interesting information about best glue for metal!

What glue to use for resin figurines?

Resin miniatures are like delicate works of art, requiring the perfect adhesive for their assembly. When choosing a glue for these tiny wonders, opt for cyanoacrylate glue, also known as super glue. It’s like the sorcerer’s wand for bonding resin!

Why super glue, you ask? Well, this adhesive is quick-drying and creates a strong bond ideal for resin materials. It’s like a swift magician that brings the pieces together in a snap!

The best part? Super glue comes in various viscosities – from thin to gel-like. For resin miniatures, a medium-viscosity super glue works like a charm. It’s like finding the perfect potion with just the right consistency for your magical creations.

When using super glue, remember to work in a well-ventilated area. These glues can have a strong odor that might make you feel like you’re in a wizard’s potion chamber!

Another tip: Apply the glue sparingly and precisely, as excess glue could mar the intricate details of your resin miniatures. It’s like painting delicate strokes on a masterpiece!

Moreover, some hobbyists prefer using specialized modeling epoxy glues for resin miniatures. Two-component epoxy adhesive provides a strong and durable connection, like a faithful companion on a magical journey. Therefore, it is considered the best glue for resin miniatures!

What is the Best Adhesive for Glass to Metal?

Are you going to repair small cracks or stick tiny figurine parts together? Crazy or CA glue is preferable. It’s virtually transparent and invisible on metal or resin surface. When you sand and paint it additionally, it looks perfectly seamless. But CA adhesives are prone to frosting or clouding issues.

On transparent plastic or glass surface, it may look a bit milky. Additionally, it’s not completely strong to stick two smooth surfaces together. But you may need to repair a pair of glasses. Fixing automotive parts, like mirror stems is also quite difficult. Why don’t you try a top-quality epoxy glue?

It may become your best glue for glass to metal, as it’s perfectly:

  • durable and shock-resistant;
  • resilient or flexible;
  • crystal-clear;
  • versatile;
  • temperature-resistant.

Perfect adhesion to steel, aluminum and other metal surfaces is not common. It’sone of the basic epoxy glue properties. Of course, it takes some time to dry and might require clamping. Additionally, two-component solution is tricky to use. You need to mix it, using a container and knife or popsicle stick. But if you need to perform heavy-duty tasks, it’s worth it.

Bottom Line

Do you need to bond tiny metal miniatures’ parts together? Fast-setting CA glues are preferable. Thin, well-built bottle tip is necessary. So, I recommend Loctite Liquid due to its advanced formula and pin-point nozzle. Professional-grade adhesive by Glue Masters stands out by thick viscosity and intuitive control. Gorilla Super Glue works even on vertical surfaces. It’s highly efficient due to tiny rubber particles content.

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