7 Best Glass Desks for Home and Office

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Top Best Glass DesksWhen looking through interior design magazines you can’t help but notice that a glass desk is presented as an essential piece in minimalist and high-tech interiors. It’s sleek, streamlined and airy design can help you concentrate on productive work. Best glass desk come in a variety of shapes, configurations, and sizes. They can be combined with different materials: metal, wood and plastic or be made of solid glass. Glass can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque, colorless or tinted, thick or thin. The array of options is truly magnificent.

So are glass desks a good idea? We would definitely say yes. Whether you work in the office or at home, a glass desk should answer your needs and be in line with your working style. In order to choose the one that would be just right, you should study several different options. We suggest that you start your research with the following glass desks.

Best Glass Desk in 2024

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1. TECHNI MOBILI RTA-3802-GLS – Best Choice for Those Who Need a Monitor Mount on Glass Desk

Top Glass L-Shaped Desk ReviewsThis L-shaped computer desk is made of thick tempered glass that rests on a sturdy metal frame. It is rather large and offers plenty of workspaces. Its configuration allows two people to work at it simultaneously, so siblings, for instance, can do their homework together. The table has a raised shelf and a slide-out keyboard tray. This model is spacious enough to hold two monitors, so it might be a good solution for graphic designers, software developers, videographers, and people of similar professions.

6-millimeter desktop glass provides a reliable surface for your devices. Clear glass makes the construction look less cumbersome in spite of the massive black frame. The table requires home assembly and is supplied with essential hardware.

Overall impression

This large L-shaped table might be appreciated by people who need a lot of workspace, but don’t want their room to look cramped. It is sturdy and functional with its monitor mount and a keyboard tray.

  • Rather large and makes a comfortable working environment.
  • Reinforced metal frame ensures safety and durability of the construction.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Has a raised shelf which can be used as a monitor mount and a slide-out keyboard tray, which make this desk a perfect combination of compactness and functionality.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Easy to set up with instruction manuals available in multiple languages.
  • Managing cables might rise up as a challenge, especially if you intend to use several monitors and other devices, such as printers, etc.
  • The shelf has a lower weight limit than the desktop, so not all types of monitors can be placed there.

2. Southern Enterprises Mirage – Glass Writing Desk With Drawers

Glass Writing Desk With Drawers ReviewsThis is an exceptionally compact and sleek two-drawer table that can be used as a writing desk, a laptop desk, a vanity table, or a console table. Its mirrored surfaces give it an airy, almost illusory appearance. It is embellished with matte silver rim and crystal-like knobs on drawers. This piece of furniture is a sure way to bring some glam chic vibe to your home workspace.

Although this item is not a traditional desk, it can serve you well if you have limited space and need a small, but a functional place to settle down with a laptop or paperwork. It has two medium-sized drawers, where you can keep notebooks, stationery, and other things you might need at hand.

Please note, that the mirrored desktop is different from the glass top. It is more delicate, gets stained faster and is harder to clean. So if you intend to work at this desk often you should think of some mat to put on top of it.

Overall impression

Southern Enterprise mirrored desk is a shiny and glamorous piece of furniture that can be occasionally used as a desk. It is very compact and thanks to its mirrored surface looks absolutely unobtrusive.

  • Very compact, so it will fit almost in any space without cramping it.
  • Its functionality is enhanced by two capacious drawers.
  • Sleek and glamorous design.
  • Mirrored surfaces make the desk look very airy and unobtrusive.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This is not a real desk in a strict sense, however it can be used as one under certain circumstances.
  • The desk will be uncomfortable for tall people to work at.

3. Monarch Specialties Console Sofa Table – Glossy White Desk With Clear Glass Sides

White Desk With Clear Glass Sides ReviewsThis is a sleek, finely crafted console table, which can also be used as a compact desk. It is deep enough for a standard-sized laptop to fit on it. It might be too small and cramped to be used as a permanent workspace, but it can be a nice place to sit at and surf through the Internet, watch videos or socialize online. Its elegant, minimalist design might be especially appreciated by young women. It will also work great as a vanity table, in pair with a large wall mirror.

The tabletop and the back plank are made of engineered wood with glossy white veneer finish, which adds sophistication to the piece. The sides of the desk are clear glass with rubber protectors to prevent the floor from getting scratched.

Overall impression

This is an elegant and sleek glass desk with a white top and a white back panel. It is rather tall but fairly compact. In spite of its light and airy appearance, it is rather sturdy and can hold a monitor, a laptop, and even a medium-sized flat screen TV.

  • Compact, yet spacious enough to work at.
  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Perfect for homes designed in minimalist style.
  • Rather sturdy.
  • Too small to be used as an ultimate workspace.
  • It is taller than regular glass desks, so one will need a height adjustable chair to sit comfortably at this desk.

4. BonVIVO Designer Desk – A Modern White Desk With a Glass Top and Wooden Frame

White Desk With a Glass Top ReviewsThis is an elegant contemporary style glass desk, which can be used in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes. It can make a stylish and compact workspace, a computer desk, a console table, or a dressing table. Its configuration is rather simple, consisting of a clear glass top, a lacquered white tray, and two trapeze-shaped wooden legs that hold the whole construction together.

The tray underneath the top doesn’t slide out, so it can’t be used as a keyboard tray. However, you can use it to store papers, books or magazines. The desktop is not as wide and deep as in other products and might be too small to provide comfortable viewing of a large monitor. On the other side, a laptop computer will sit comfortably on it, leaving enough space for a stationery holder, a notebook and a cup of coffee.

The wooden legs are paintable, so you can customize your desk according to your mood and interior style.

Overall impression

This is a rather compact, but functional glass desk. It takes up very little space, so can fit in almost any room. The eclectic combination of sleek glass and natural wood makes the desk a perfect fit in a contemporary style interior.

  • Elegant, understated design gives it an appearance of a high-end product.
  • Shutter-resistant 9-millimeter glass top enhances durability and safety of the desk.
  • Multi-functional design.
  • The tray under the desktop provides storage space for papers and books.
  • The desk consists of very few parts, so it is quite easy to assemble.
  • Too small to fit a large monitor.
  • Does not have a slide-out keyboard tray, so if you have to work with papers while using the computer, you might experience some inconvenience.

5. Flash Furniture Glass Workplace – A Modern Glass Desks for Home Office With a Keyboard Tray

Glass Top Desk With a Keyboard Tray ReviewsClaremont desk is a compact, but yet spacious glass top desk designed to be used as a home workspace. Its metal and wood frame with veneer finish holds a smoked glass top. It is semi-transparent, so it doesn’t look bulky. At the same time, it is in line with the overall design of the desk and matches the black metal frame and brown veneers. Sleek chrome glass supports not only reinforce the construction but also add an extravagant touch to the overall look of the desk.

The reinforced six-millimeter glass top is sturdy enough to hold even large gamer or designer monitors. The slide-out keyboard tray is made of perforated metal. It is wide enough to hold a keyboard and a mouth. Please note that in order to use a laser mouse on either perforated tray or a glass top, you will need a mouse pad. The back panel has two oval holes in it to help you organize your cables. It is not perfect, but still better than no cable management fixture at all.

Overall impression

The Z-Line Claremont desk is made of glass, metal and veneer-finished wood and has a vibe of urban aesthetics. It is rather sturdy and spacious enough for you to organize a functional home office.

  • Sleek, upscale design.
  • Thick (6-millimeter) tempered glass top.
  • Quite spacious, but not cumbersome.
  • The desk has a simple cable management fixture.
  • Quite easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a spacious slide-out keyboard tray. However, if you don’t need it, you can assemble the desk without it.
  • The keyboard tray is rather deep, however it doesn’t slide all the way from under the desk top, so if you have a large keyboard, it might be inconvenient for you to use it.

6. Ashley Furniture Marion Sofa Table – A Compact and Stylish Entertainment Console Table with a Glass Top

Console Table with a Glass Top ReviewsThe Ashley Furniture console table is a stylish and elegant furniture piece that can fit nicely into a contemporary style foyer, entry hall or a living room. It is rather compact, so it won’t clutter up the space. The frame is made of wood with sleek dark brown veneer finish. The clear glass top is beveled by a wooden and veneer rim.

This table is designed in a semi-circle shape so that it can be conveniently placed against the wall. A scalloped footing is not only an interesting detail; it makes the table more stable.

The wide rim that encircles the glass top makes the useful space that can be used to display things, quite limited. However, the furniture piece is not designed for many things to be placed on it. It has more than enough space to hold a vase or a lamp, several books or magazines and a picture frame.

Overall impression

This is a timeless furniture piece that would make a stylish accompaniment to the contemporary or classic interior. It is rather compact and can fit in almost any setting, including foyer, hallway, living room, bedroom or home office.

  • Stable frame.
  • Contemporary design that would match any interior style.
  • The table can be placed flush against the wall.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rather fragile, so it won’t be able to hold the weight if you were to lean on it.
  • The glass surface would be hard to clean in places where it merges with the rim.

7. Studio Designs Futura Advanced Drafting – A Modern Design Multifunctional Office Desk with File Cabinet

Multifunctional Office Desk with Shelf ReviewsThis is a professional drafting table that can also be used as a desk. Its functionality might be greatly appreciated by designers, artists, and architects. Its desktop can be angled in several positions up to 35 degrees to provide a comfortable work station for each specific project. In addition, the glass desk has a collapsible side shelf, which can be used to keep papers and instruments on. It you are short of space or simply don’t need this feature, the glass shelf can be folded down. The desk comes with four trays for art supplies and a three-drawer storage unit that can be attached on either side of the desk.

The desk itself is rather sturdy and stable. Its top is made of thick tempered glass with a blue tint. It is absolutely clear, so with a light source placed underneath the desk can be used as a tracing table. The glass top is supported by a rectangular tube frame with matte silver coating. Stability of the desk is ensured by four levelers at each support point.

Overall impression

Studio Designs drafting table is a multifunctional desk that can find application in various settings, both residential and commercial. It is well-built, sturdy, yet sleek and elegant. It is as much of a functional workspace as of a stylish interior piece. However, if you don’t intend to use it as a drafting table, at least occasionally, it might not be worth overpaying for.

  • Functional design.
  • Sleek, high-end appearance.
  • The top glass panel provides an adjustable recessed surface.
  • Comes with a detachable storage compartment.
  • Equipped with four plastic trays for art supplies.
  • Can be used as a tracing table.
  • The glass top has a ledge at the bottom to hold the paper in place when inclined.
  • The desk is rather tall, so you might have to use an adjustable height chair or stool with it.
  • The foldable side shelf can’t hold much weight, so its use is quite limited.

How to Choose a Perfect Glass Desk – Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there are an amazing variety of glass desks on the market. They come in different sizes, configurations, colors and designs. The one thing they have in common is sleek, streamlined design and understated elegance. A glass desk can fit in almost any interior, you just need to find the one that would match your style.

Glass desks can be divided into several types by their functionality. Depending on your needs you can choose one of the following options: a computer desk, a secretary table, a console table (which can be used as a compact desk), or a professional drafting table.

Modern Glass Desks for Home Office Reviews

A computer desk is preferable if you have a desktop computer and work on it rather often. Such desks usually have pull-out keyboard trays and monitor mounts to provide a comfortable working environment. Secretary tables usually come with multiple drawers, file cabinets, and/or raised shelves. They are perfect for those who work mainly with papers, documentation, books and files. Basically, this is one of those glass desks with storage compartments. Of course a secretary can hold a computer; however, it might be somewhat cumbersome. Besides, it would probably lack a cable management system. A console table is the best solutions for homes with limited space, where a large computer desk won’t fit or would be unnecessary. If you need a compact and stylish place to put your laptop on, this might be the best choice for you. Professional desks, including drafting tables, will be appreciated by designers, architects, art school students, artists, and people of similar professions. Such desks come with different useful functionalities, which might significantly add up to the cost.

Once you have decided on the type of glass desk you need, let us review some crucial points to pay attention to before making a purchase.

  1. Glass thickness. This is the most important factor to consider. Quality glass tabletops are usually around one quarter of an inch thick. This is an optimal thickness, which makes a desk durable enough to withstand a regular load. Always prefer tempered glass over annealed glass for enhanced durability and safety.
  2. Size of the desk. When choosing a size of your future glass desk you should strike a balance between functionality and compactness.
  3. Supporting frame. A glass top might be a hazard if it collapses and shatters, so you should pay extra attention to the construction it rests upon. It must be sturdy and durable, preferably made of metal or wood. Also, pay attention to the hardware: it should be quite sturdy to factor out wobbliness. Levelers will help you even out your glass desk if the surface it stands upon is not perfectly even.
  4. Weight limit. All glass desks have limits to the amount of weight that can be placed on them. The higher the limit, the more versatile a desk will be.

Stylish Multifunctional Glass Desks Reviews

How many types of glass desks are?

There are a few main types of glass desks to consider for home or office spaces:

  1. Tempered Glass Desks – Glass undergoes a tempering process to make it 3-5 times stronger and more shatter-resistant. Tempered is the best glass choice for desks to prevent cracks and breakage over time.
  2. Clear Glass Desks – Clear or transparent glass is the most common look, allowing light to pass through and giving a lightweight appearance. Items placed underneath will be visible.
  3. Tinted/Colored Glass – For more privacy, glass desks are available in darkened shades like black, bronze and gray glass. Or go bold with red, blue and other colored glass desks.
  4. Framed Glass Desks – Metal or wood frames around the glass edges add decorative accenting and further protect the glass from blunt force impacts.
  5. L-Shaped Glass Desks – Two pieces joined at a 90 degree angle make glass computer desks with extra surface area. The “leg” of the L can support filing cabinets.

Glass is also combined with other materials like wood or metal to make desk styles like glass desktops mounted on drawers. The transparency adds an airy, contemporary vibe to home, office or creative spaces!


Today we have reviewed seven glass desks, which differ in size, color, configuration, and functionality. Depending on your needs one of them might be the best solution for you. Now that you are familiar with the main points to consider, you can make a informed choice. However, the market of glass desks is truly abundant, so even if you haven’t found anything you liked yet, we are sure you soon will. Hope this review will help you make up your mind or at least understand your needs and preferences.

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  • I’m a big fan of the glass table! I’m not looking to change my current desk—I love the way it looks and works. Glass is super strong and durable. I am a big fan of the look of a glass table.