7 Best l-shaped Glass Corner Desk with Shelves or Drawers for Work and Entertainment

Glass Corner Desk ReviewsA glass corner desk is rather common in contemporary offices and home work zone arrangements. Corner placement is a perfect solution when you need to obtain an ample workspace without overloading the room and creating too much visual clutter. An angled corner desk can especially come in handy when you need to alternate between working on the computer and writing or working with papers. Using a castor chair makes switching between the work zones even easier. Gamers, designers, architects, web developers, and other professionals who use multiple monitor setups in their work might also enjoy the benefits of a corner desk layout.

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Aside from convenience, glass corner computer desks are stunningly sleek and chic-looking. They fit perfectly in contemporary, high-tech, minimalist and industrial style interiors. In spite of being designed for corner placement (as it is suggested by the name), such glass desks look the most winning when placed in the middle of the room, so that all the beautiful curves and lines are exposed.

Regardless of how you plan to use your corner desk, it is a worthwhile investment into your productivity and room decor. So it would be a good idea to do some research first to see what is out there and choose the best option. Let us help you get started by offering a review of seven best glass corner desks (in our opinion).

Best Glass Corner Desk in 2024

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1. LeCrozz L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk – One of the Most Refined Corner Computer Desks

L-Shaped Home Computer Corner Desktop Glass ReviewLeCrozz L-shaped glass desk is exceptionally thin and finely crafted. In spite of the black color it looks very unobtrusive. The desktop rests on a thin black steel frame with Z-shaped legs. The black border that encloses the top enhances the seamless look of the desk. The desktop consists of three parts with equal sides and a rounded corner piece.

This black glass desk looks so elegant and refined that you might get a feeling that it should be kept as neat and orderly as possible. That might be challenging if you are using a desktop computer with several peripherals since there is no cable management system.

This is a rather compact corner desk, which can fit in a small-spaced home office without cramping it.

The desktop is not as deep as in other corner desks, so as much as it saves you space, it might cause inconvenience.

Overall impression

The LeCrozz glass desk stands out among the others thanks to its elegant streamlined design, the thinness of lines and absence of excessive elements. This glass desk is a space saver for small apartments and offices. It can hardly serve as a heavy-duty workstation, but it provides ample space for most of the day-to-day office-work tasks and entertainment.

  • Sleek, streamlined design.
  • This is a very compact corner desk that can fit flush against the walls, thus saving you more space.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy enough to hold standard set of office equipment and supplies.
  • The LeCrozz glass desk is somewhat shorter than other models, which might be a downside for tall people.
  • The desktop space is rather narrow, so it won’t be suitable for large-diagonal monitors.

2. Techni Mobili Deluxe Tempered Frosted – A Heavy-Duty Glass and Steel Corner Desk with MDF Panels

Glass L-Shaped Corner Desk ReviewThis is a sturdy heavy-duty corner desk with ample working space. Its top rests on a robust scratch-resistant steel frame with laminated MDF panels. Its stability is enhanced by perforated metal panels at the back of each section, which also facilitate cable management.

The desktop is made of thick tempered semi-translucent frosted glass. It consists of three sections, one side section being longer than the other. You can arrange the workspace according to your preferences since the shorter and longer sides are interchangeable. The corner section has a rounded outer edge that creates a streamlined and elegant look.

The glass desk is equipped with a slide-out MDF keyboard tray, which can be installed on either side of the desk.

Overall impression

The Thechni Mobili glass desk looks and feels very sturdy. It is distinguished by its extra-thick top, reinforced frame and interchangeable left- or right-hand configuration. Unlike other glass desks, this one doesn’t look airy because of its quite massive frame and tinted top.

  • This is a sturdy glass desk that is built to last.
  • The top is made of 8-millimeter-thick glass, with weight capacity up to 80 pounds.
  • Hes steel frame has a scratch-resistant powder coating.
  • The laminated MDF panels are moisture-resistant, unlike standard laminate that warps if afflicted by fluids.
  • Comes with the 5-year limited warranty.
  • Has a slide-out keyboard tray.
  • The interchangeable configuration of desktop sides.
  • The corner desk looks somewhat bulky because of the massive black frame.
  • The keyboard shelf doesn’t slide far enough from under the desktop.

3. Techni Mobili Tempered Glass – A Clear Tempered Glass Corner Desk with a Keyboard Tray

Clear Tempered Glass Corner Desk with a Keyboard Tray ReviewThis is a versatile corner desk that can be used for a variety of work tasks. It has ample desktop space that allows a user to arrange a computer and peripherals and still have space left for paperwork, a weekly planner, a document holder, some books or magazines and decoration. This is an L-shaped glass desk with one side longer than the other. The shorter side can be equipped with a slide-out keyboard tray (included in the package).

The frame is made of rectangular steel tubes with scratch-resistant silver coating. In combination with a translucent top, the construction looks almost invisible, especially against a white or gray background.

Depending on the layout of your room you can assemble the glass desk with a shorter side on the left or on the right. The borderless design of the top adds to the impression.

Overall impression

Techni Mobili L-shaped glass corner computer desk is rather compact and unobtrusive, but at the same time provides enough space for all the equipment one might need in the home office. Its smooth surface and clean lines can blend effortlessly in any room decor.

  • Sturdy and durable steel frame.
  • Thick tempered glass top (8 mm).
  • Clean-cut design fits in perfectly with contemporary interior style.
  • This corner desk is rather compact but provides enough space for versatile work tasks.
  • Easy assembly.
  • The manufacturer gives a five-year limited warranty on this glass desk.
  • The leg configuration does not allow a user to sit in the corner.
  • There is no cable management system and due to the transparency of the desktop it would be very difficult to make the glass desk look neat.

4. OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Desk – A Space-Saving Glass and Metal Corner Computer Desk

Glass and Metal Corner Computer Desk ReviewThis ultra-modern corner desk is designed in high-tech style to suit even the most fastidious tastes. Its sleek, compact design can be applicable in both home and office settings. This glass desk is designed to be placed in a corner with its uniform-sized side desktops offering more freedom of choice regarding the way of arranging a workspace.

One Space glass corner desk is available in three color combinations: clear glass top with black frame, total black and clear glass top with industrial gray frame. The slide-out keyboard tray allows you to lean back in your chair while typing, thus increasing the distance between the monitor and the eyes.

The package also includes a raised CPU stand that comes as a separate piece. It can be placed underneath the corner section of the glass desk in order not to obstruct your movements.

Overall impression

The OneSpace corner desk looks sleek, modern and unobtrusive. It has a thoughtful design, which makes it a productive multi-task workspace. This is a space-saving solution for small homes and offices, which still need a decent workstation.

  • Sleek, ultra-modern design.
  • The One Space glass desk is available in multiple monochrome color combinations.
  • It is compact and space-saving.
  • Comes with a portable CPU tower stand.
  • The item is fairly easy to assemble.
  • Scratch-resistant desktop.
  • The tray is too small to hold both a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Due to the lack of cable management system the corner desk might look somewhat messy with a desktop computer and multiple peripherals.

5. Monterey Coaster Home L-Shape Office Computer Desk – A Three-Piece Glass Top Corner Desk

Black Glass Corner Desk with Shelves ReviewThis contemporary-style corner desk attracts a viewer’s attention with the unparalleled design of its frame. Its wooden X-shaped legs with the dark cappuccino veneer finish definitely make a statement. Not only do they add visual solidness to the construction, but actually make it very sturdy and stable. The desktop rests on a metal frame.

This corner workstation actually consists of two independent glass desks, connected by a quadrant-shaped section.

The slide-out shelf has enough space for a standard keyboard and a mouse.

Useful fixtures that come with this desk include a slide-out keyboard shelf and a suspended CPU stand, both with perforated metal surfaces.

The corner desk itself provides ample space for a variety of work tasks and entertainment.

Overall impression

Coaster L-Shape corner desk is an attention-grabbing furniture piece with a potential to become a statement element in your home or office. The eclectic combination of massive legs and an airy top looks rather alluring and also makes up a sturdy and reliable workstation.

  • A durable frame made of wood and metal.
  • Attractive contemporary design with a statement frame.
  • The glass top has enclosed edges that enhance its safety.
  • This is a full-size corner desk with plenty of workspace.
  • Comes with a pull-out keyboard shelf and a CPU tower stand.
  • This is not a compact corner desk, so it might not be a good solution for small offices and apartments.
  • The legs are not solid wood. They are made of engineered wood with a veneer finish, which is not water-resistant and might warp if continuously exposed to moisture.

6. Mecor L-Shaped Desk with Shelf – A large Corner Computer Desk with a Black Top

Large Black Corner Computer Desk ReviewThis is a contemporary style glass desk designed in black color with wooden accents. It provides plenty of workspaces which can be arranged any way you would like since there are no elements that require any special layout. The spacious desktop is made of black tempered glass, which in combination with a sleek black metal frame and curved wooden legs gives the desk a robust masculine look.

This glass desk is a good solution for a home studio, a multiple-monitor setup or a home office setup with lots of peripherals, such as printers, scanners, faxes, etc.

Unlike most of the corner desks it has an unobstructed corner area, so one can arrange a workstation in the center and leave the space on the sides for peripherals or storage.

Overall impression

The Mecor L-Shaped Desk is a spacious and stylish workstation. Its sleek dark-toned minimalist design makes it perfect for an office setting. Its open design makes it look unobtrusive, in spite of the large size.

  • This glass desk is rather sturdy and durable, made of quality materials.
  • The legs are made of solid wood, not the combination of particle boards and veneers.
  • The desktop is rather spacious.
  • Corner area is available to sit at, unlike in most other corner desks.
  • The installation instructions manual is clear and easy to follow.
  • Opaque black desktop provides more opportunities for cable management, as compared to translucent desktops.
  • The black glossy surface shows dust and fingerprints rather explicitly, so you will have to clean it very often.
  • This glass desk is rather tall and doesn’t have a keyboard tray, so some people might find it inconvenient to type at it. However, the problem can be solved by using a height-adjustable chair.

7. Z-Line Belaire – A Contemporary Style Glass Corner Computer Desk

Style Glass Corner Office Desk ReviewThe Z-Line glass desk is a great combination of style, compactness, and functionality. Its clean-cut design makes the room look professional and airy. With no excessive details, it is as compact as it can be given the considerable workspace it provides.

The durable tempered safety glass top consists of three pieces, supported by a thin-looking but sturdy steel frame. The latter is spray-painted in silver, which enhances the overall look of the glass desk.

One of the sides of the corner desk is suggested to hold a slide-out keyboard tray. It is also made of clear tempered glass and slides on metal rails.

The package also includes a CPU tower stand, which is not attached to the desk, so it can be placed anywhere for your convenience.

Overall impression

The Z-Line corner desk is designed in contemporary industrial style. Its forms are rather simple and standard. The desk has an austere and professional look. In spite of its conventional size, the desk provides more than enough space as for a home corner workstation.

  • Clean-cut contemporary design without any excessive elements makes this glass desk look professional and unobtrusive.
  • Thanks to the simple, straightforward design it is rather easy to assemble.
  • The desktop is enclosed by the steel frame on the sides, so there are no sharp corners.
  • The item comes with a matching stand to hold a computer tower.
  • The keyboard tray is rather small, so if you place a full-sized keyboard on it, there will be no room for a mouse.
  • No cable management system.
  • The desktop is prone to scratching.

A Concise Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Glass Corner Desk

At the first glance it might seem that all glass corner desks are pretty much the same: L-shaped design, tempered glass tops, metal or wooden frames, sometimes equipped with keyboard trays and/or CPU tower stands. However, if you take a closer look at them (as you probably already have when reading our review), you will see that there are several important nuances that make them different. Here are some aspects you should consider in order to understand exactly what kind of glass desk to look for.

  1. The size of the corner desk. This might seem too obvious to be mentioned, but many people actually tend to overestimate the amount of space they have or, on the other hand, the actual size of the desk they are buying. In both cases they end up feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the purchase. In order to avoid such outcomes, you should carefully measure the space where you intend to place the corner desk, plan the layout of things you are going to have on it to make sure they fit, and only then go shopping.
  2. Weight capacity of the desktop. This is a very important factor to consider since it concerns with safety. Although most of glass desks can withstand more load than standard office equipment can provide, still you should always check the numbers, especially if you are looking for a heavy-duty desk. Also, you should remember that in corner desks the corner section usually has lower weight capacity than side sections.
  3. Style and design. The particular style of a glass desk is usually determined by the design of its frame. For instance, a glass and chrome corner desk speaks for high-tech style, while a steel frame and sharp angles suggest that the corner desk is suitable for industrial style. Wooden frames are most appropriate in contemporary and eclectic interiors.
  4. Additional elements. Such fixtures as a keyboard tray raised shelves, drawers, a CPU stand, and a cable management system are always advantageous, since they enhance productivity and help you organize the workspace. However, if you find them unnecessary, there is no need to overpay for something you are not going to use. Plain minimalist corner desks with clean lines can also be quite functional and look absolutely stunning.
  5. Maintenance. Any sleek surface requires special (and frequent) care. There are no low-maintenance glass desks, but some of them are easier to clean than others. For instance, frosted matte glass tops won’t show fingerprints as vividly as regular ones. If the desk has a keyboard tray, you will have to take care of the sliding mechanism very often, since all the dust it collects can be seen through the transparent top. Tinted tops won’t have such a problem. Desks with black glossy surfaces are the most demanding in regards to care, so you should keep that in mind when opting for one.
  6. Assembly. If you are not mechanically competent, assembling a corner desk might be very challenging. So it is a good idea to make sure it comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. Some sellers can ship a corner desk pre-assembled, but that would cost much more than regular delivery.
  7. Safety. The last but not least point to consider is safety. This is especially important if you have children or pets. The desk should not have sharp edges and corners or elements that might get loose. The top should hold firmly to the frame, which, in its turn, should be durable and stable.

Where can it be applied small glass corner desk?

Miniature glass table made by angle can work well placed in a variety of rooms throughout a home, depending on the look you are going for and the needs of the space. Here are some good options:

  • Bedroom – A compact glass corner desk takes up minimal visual space, making it a great choice for small bedrooms. Use it as a vanity area, workspot for paying bills, or crafting nook. Just take care not to place it somewhere that it will get knocked into.
  • Living Room – Situate a petite glass desk in an unused living room corner to create a mini home office space for paying bills and other paperwork. The transparency maintains an open feel.
  • Office – Glass corner desks maximize floor space in offices without sacrificing functional surface area. Tuck into any unused corner or zig-zag two together for an L-shape workflow.

Just take note that completely clear glass desks show any items placed underneath, so make sure to mind cord management and storage if aesthetics are important. But when placed thoughtfully, tiny glass corner workstations can transform wasted room corners into surprisingly practical spaces!

What surface area a corner glass desks can be placed on?

A glass corner desk can be safely placed on a variety of hard, flat floor surfaces including:

  1. Tile – Glass desks work very well on tile as long as the tiles are completely even and Smooth. Make sure there are no uneven grout lines or cracked/raised tiles that could cause the desk to rock or tilt.
  2. Wood Flooring – Again, ensure the wood planks or parquet flooring is flat without uneven seams between boards. Soft woods like pine could get nicked from the weight of desk edges over time.
  3. Concrete – A flat, smoothed concrete floor is an ideal base for a glass corner desk provided there is some finish like sealant or paint for easier cleaning. The hard surface also gives great support.
  4. Laminate or Vinyl – Durable laminate and vinyl plank floors can also support small glass desks fine as long as the subsurface or joins are flat. This portable flooring is especially convenient for rentals.

No matter the floor type, check it’s completely flat and solid before placing a glass desk to prevent wobbling. Use padding or coasters under the sharp desk corners to further protect vulnerable flooring. With a sound underlying surface, glass desks can blend right into the aesthetic beautifully!


A glass corner desk is a stylish and practical furniture piece that can make a great workstation for the most versatile tasks. The space-saving layout, sleek design and streamlined forms have made these desk so popular. More and more people are switching from traditional wooden or laminate desks to glass desks. If you are one of them, you can start shopping right away as you have (hopefully) learnt some useful information about this product. The number of options available on the market is really impressive, so you will definitely find the one that would be just perfect for you.

John J. Winter

Hello and welcome to my glass desk blog! My name is John. I live and work in LA. As an interior designer, I would like to give you some simple pieces of advice. I hope they help you to select the best desk and maintain it properly, without any efforts.


  • Well now let me ask you, what do you want? A glass corner desk? A glass corner desk to complete your set, you need to give your home a touch of class. If you want a glass corner desk, you should be able to get one by now. So, go on, tell me, do you want a glass corner desk?

  • Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for! It’s a solid piece of furniture and comes with its own set of drawers and shelves for all your office supplies. It’s a little pricier than the others but this piece of furniture will last for years to come and will be worth the extra money.

  • Will a glass corner table be comfortable? You just need to think about whether you want it to be durable. Or if you’re looking forward to coffee stains. Or are you more interested in a beautiful table?