5 Best Desks For Students: How To Choose FAST & EASY

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best desks for students reviewsStudying is an indispensable part of every person’s life. Each of us was, is or will be a student and requires a comfortable place to work at and store the learning materials. However, it is not easy to find the best desks for students as the variety of models may strike even experienced interior designers.

At the same time, every student desk must have a couple of features that are a guarantee of its excellent quality: safety, modern ergonomic design, and comfort. It should provide enough space for study materials, devices and be a nice addition to the room interior.

How to choose such an example not to disappoint a student? The answer is simple: it is better to trust reliable manufacturers of furniture whose experience allows creating useful and functional furniture pieces. It will help you to choose one of the best desks for college students and meet the expectations of your learner.

In this article, we have singled out 5 most appreciated student desks according to the user testimonials. Having been chosen for hundreds of users these models of student desks will help you to make the only right choice.

5 Best Desks For Students in 2024

#1. Convenience Concepts
  • Size - 47.2 x 15.8 x 30 inches
  • Colors - 8 colors
  • Material - Stainless Steel,
    composite wood
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#2. Prepac EEHW-0200-1
  • Size - 19.8 x 42.2 x 39.5 inches
  • Colors - White/Black/Espresso
  • Material - Laminated composite
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#3. Sauder 408726
  • Size - 39.6 x 19.4 x 34 inches
  • Colors - Cinnamon Cherry
  • Material - Leftover wood
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#4. Coavas Computer-Desk
  • Size - 46.8 x 19.9 x 29 inches
  • Colors - White
  • Material - Wood
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#5. Nathan James
  • Size - 40.2 x 18.9 x 30.3 inches
  • Colors - Espresso/White
  • Material - Wood
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1. Convenience Concepts Modern 131436LO – Perfect desk for teenage girl or boy

best student desks reviewsMany people avoid buying furniture on the web because of the necessity to assemble it. In other words, you need to take tools and waste several hours of your time or pay money to the person so that he completed this task.

But modern furniture manufacturers like Convenience Concepts decided to offer student desks for the home that can be assembled without any tool. This company has a collection of such furniture pieces that combine wooden shelves and poles made of stainless steel to create functional and appealing products.

Being one of the most stylish college students desks this model is offered in 8 different colors so every boy or girl, man or woman will match one to their interior. The main benefits of this student desk is an extended working surface with a variety of shelves. There is a pocket of the desk size under the working surface and two spacious shelves on both sides that serve as legs. As a result, the student desk is very sturdy and lightweight at the same time. It looks solid and well-balanced as well as is very easy to assemble – it can be an exciting task to complete even together with a school kid.

Interesting facts

You will get a detailed instruction together with this high-quality desk parts to transform it into a ready-made desk quickly and without much effort.

  • Multiple colors;
  • No tool assembly;
  • Modern design;
  • Much storage space;
  • Huge working surface;
  • Sturdy;
  • Portable.
  • May wobble if parts sit not tightly.


It goes without saying that sturdiness and reliability of the student desk depends much on the assembly. If you are not a professional and want a cheap executive desk that is simple to assemble and reassemble for several times, there is no better alternative to a model from Convenience Concepts. This bright and modern student desk will be appreciated by every young person thanks to the numerous benefits it features.

2. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating EEHW-0200-1 – One of the best student desks

desk for teenage girl or boy reviewsModern teenagers are in the constant search of original ideas and solutions and their room interior is not an exception. In search of a student desk for a bedroom, it would be great to surprise your guests with a floating example without any legs. Prepac company has created an extraordinary model that is mounted on the wall and creates a feeling of the floating piece.

The student computer desk is made of CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods. The desk is thicker than the frame and shelves and can withstand the loading of 50 lbs. It is 42 inches long and 19 inches wide so there is enough space for both books and computer.

This model is one of the good desks for students as it is mounted securely to the wall with the help of the metal hanging rail and saves that valuable space on the floor. There are two side compartments with removable shelves to keep books, speakers, photo frames and small collections and a long upper shelf to locate other things.

The wooden student desk has a classic design and will look perfect in any interior. It is available in three colors: white, black and espresso. The student desk is very functional and provides extra storage space in the room.

Interesting facts

Produced in Canada it is delivered ready for an assembly that takes only several minutes. Together with a student desk, you get an instruction booklet and a 5-year warranty for the product. Add a stylish piece of furniture to your room to save space and get a comfortable working place.

  • Made of wood;
  • Classic design;
  • Saves space on the floor;
  • Offers additional storage;
  • Mounted to the wall securely;
  • Easy installation;
  • Durable;
  • Comfortable.
  • Not very big student desk.


This floating furniture piece is one of the best desks for college students who need to save space and want to complete the assignments sitting at the table. You can put all the things you need for studying on the shelves and enjoy enough free space for your hands and legs. Forget about obstacles under the student desk as that area can be used for other purposes.

3. Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk – An excellent choice among college computer desks

college computer desks reviewsThere is no sense in arguing that students perform most of their assignments on the computer. That is why the most reasonable solution is to provide a student with a computer table. It is designed especially to hold up desktop computers and there is enough space to do reading and writing tasks too.

Sauder brand has designed inexpensive desks that can be used on a daily basis and do not take much space in the room. The student desk is 39 inches long with the working area of 27 inches wide and 19 inches long. It means that this compact computer desk is a perfect solution for small rooms where every centimeter is of great value.

The design of the small student desk is elegant and simple at the same time. There is a cinnamon cherry finish to match a variety of interiors and you can see all the necessary shelves to fit the computer parts:

  1. Slide-out shelf to place a keyboard and mouse;
  2. Elevated monitor shelf (you can locate printer there is you use a laptop);
  3. Hidden storage with a door to keep disks, books, and other supplies as well as a place to locate a vertical computer tower over it.

Interesting facts

Made of leftover wood it is an environmentally friendly and ready-to-assembly student desk that will compliment any room. Every design is patented and accurately measured and treated to give you a high-quality and long-lasting piece of furniture.

  • Compact;
  • Standing;
  • Created for a desktop computer and laptop;
  • Additional storage;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Good organizer;
  • Functional.
  • Heavy.


Many parents try to choose a desk and chair set for students but it is not easy to do as all people have a different height and statute. It is better to choose a nice and functional computer table like one from Sauder brand and then decide on the chair. You will get enough space both for a computer and other activities as well as save space in your room.

4. Coavas Home Office Computer Desk – Best desk for medical students

desk for medical students reviewsWhat are the most durable materials to make up a student desk? Undoubtedly, it is metal and thick glass. Both of them do not fade with time and look excellent for years even without special care about them. Coavas brand realized this huge benefit and created a modern and stylish office desk with metal legs and a glass top.

The first thing that strikes the eye is a beautiful design: the combination of metal and glass in black finish looks luxurious. The student desk stands firmly on the floor thanks to four reliable legs. There are rounded corners and metal support under the glass to withstand the loading. One more exclusive feature is a rounded metal bar that serves as a base for two organizers sold together with the desk. You can clip the pen holder and post-it/paper holder included in the bar.

The student desk offers enough space to keep all the stuff used by young people and is space-friendly, so even small apartments can offer a good working and studying experience thanks to this stand-up desk for students.

Interesting facts

This desk will look excellent both at home and in the office. It fits learners of any age as you can get this student desk and chair can be bought additionally to adjust the sitting height. It is very functional thanks to the nested X-frame design to be stable and additional holders included.

  • Sturdy;
  • Large working area;
  • Rounded corners;
  • Reliable construction;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to assembly;
  • Functional.
  • Glass gets spotted and requires wiping regularly.


It is not easy to choose one of several good desks for college students, but this model deserves your attention undoubtedly. Forget about shaking thanks to this stable and reliable metal student desk with a glass top. It combines beautiful design and excellent functionality as there is much-working space and two holders included.

Here you can see other best glass computer desks.

5. Nathan James 51002 Kalos – One of the better standing desks for students

best standing desks for students reviewsIt is a great feature of the furniture piece if it can substitute several other things at home thanks to its multifunctionality. If your home does not allow you to fit a white desk and chair set or you simply do not want to get an office desk in your bedroom, pay attention to the alternative student desk from Nathan James. His beautiful creation can become a substitution for an office computer desk, console, and makeup vanity table. This elegant student desk available in two most popular colors: white and espresso, is a finding to be added to classic interiors and small spaces.

This high school desk is made of solid wood. It can be a perfect workstation to hold multiple items due to its quite an impressive size. There are 2 large storage compartments where you can put a laptop or books that are not used at the moment.

The student desk is standing on X-design legs connected with a support bar that can be used to place feet. The ends of the legs are covered with protectors to prevent the floor from scratching.

You will have no troubles with the assembly of this student desk as in addition to the instruction booklet you will get a video on how to complete it quickly even for a person without furniture building experience.

Interesting facts

Solid wood is a long-lasting and easy to care material. A sturdy design and high quality of the materials used make this student desk hold up to 120 pounds of weight. In addition, you get a 5-year warranty for the product that was designed to last and make you happy.

  • Made of solid wood;
  • Versatile;
  • Durable;
  • Solid and sturdy;
  • Extra storage space;
  • Equipped with no-scratch protectors;
  • Huge working space.
  • Assembly might take effort.


In the modern era of functionality and simplicity in design, many people try to find versatile furniture pieces. This student desk that can be also a console and vanity table has an elegant design and will adorn any room. Moreover, it does not take much space and offers additional storage. You will love its simple but appealing design and excellent sturdiness as it is made of solid wood.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Only Of The Best Desks For College Students

There are many criteria to be considered when you choose a student desk. Of course, students can be of different age, height and body stature so you must treat this choice with the responsibility to find the best variant. In addition to the good student desk, you will also have to select a suitable chair as it is much easier to adjust its height than try to get a non-standard desk. Consequently, when you come to the conclusion to buy a nice student desk, take into account the following features.

  1. Size

As it was already mentioned, students can be of different age and that is why the size of the desk may vary depending on this fact. However, you should remember that children grow up and most of the people buy furniture to use for several years, so it is better to buy a big table of the standard size or extended one.good desks for college students reviews

  1. Storage

Student desks should provide enough space for storage or it will be always messy. Multiple shelves, holders and built-in storage units will be only a plus. They will help to organize the space efficiently and have more free space to study.

  1. Material

Though wood, especially composite one, remains the most popular material in furniture production, you can also look through the models made of metal and its combination with glass, wood and other materials.

  1. Assembly

The most challenging task in purchasing furniture is its assembly. Who wants to pay additional money for the process that seems very simple at first sight? However, assembly plays a significant role in furniture sturdiness and functionality. Even a minor mistake can be fatal. That is why if you are not sure that you will manage to cope with the student desk assembly perfectly yourself, it is better to order professional assistance.

Design and functionality

The main problem connected with the student desk design is a necessity that it fitted the existing room interior. Modern furniture designers offer models in a variety of styles. There are examples aimed at boys and girls, kids and adults, multifunctional and computer desks. You need to decide what is required by a student from the desk and find the model with the following characteristics. You can meet movable student desks, ones to be placed in small rooms or huge apartments, meant for writing and reading or using a computer. Somebody might even wish to get the best electric standing desk and enjoy it on a daily basis. Make up the list of important features of the student desk beforehand to find the most suitable variant.

What kind of desk is best for studying?

The best study desk provides features that minimize distractions while supporting good posture and workflow. Ideal attributes to look for include:

  1. Size – An adequate surface area of at least 48″-60″ wide with some open shelving or drawers. Compact is fine for small spaces if it fits your supplies.
  2. Comfort – Adjustable height for sitting or standing, ample leg room, and an ergonomic chair that aligns your back, neck and arms properly at the desk.
  3. Organization – Drawers, shelves, trays and desktop accessories like monitor stands, pencil cups and a desk pad to neatly arrange your study materials within reach.
  4. Style – Simple, clean-lined wood, metal or laminate desks tend to appear more studious versus ornate or brightly colored ones.
  5. Location – Place your study desk in a quiet, well-lit corner of a bedroom, office or other private space away from high traffic areas.

Prioritizing an organized layout, refined aesthetic and ergonomic setup creates a desk environment ideal for hours of distraction-free reading, writing and focusing. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in academics without physical strains or mental clutter.

The Best Desks For Students: Conclusions and Recommendations

It goes without saying that the variety of desk designs available today for sale is so big that it is even difficult to look through each of them. However, it is important to remember that buying furniture from the trusted manufacturers you get a quality well-balanced product that will serve you for years as it is thought over to the smallest details. That is why we have chosen highly-rated models from the leading furniture manufacturers for you to feel happy with the bargain made.

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