E6000 Glue vs Gorilla Glue: Basic Differences and Benefits

e6000 glue vs gorilla glue

Are you going to repair your favorite porcelain figurines? Have you broken a decorative plate your mother presented to you for your birthday? Don’t despair. If it hasn’t fallen into small pieces or shards, it’s easy to repair. However, which adhesive to select? Let’s compare E6000 glue vs Gorilla Glue for glass and other things. Which one is the fastest, strongest and most flexible? Smell is another important factor essential to consider. Let me highlight the products’ properties, their benefits and drawbacks.

E6000 GlueGorilla Glue
  • Weight/Size - 4/3.7oz
  • Usage - versatile
  • Base - latex
  • Color - clear
  • Drying Time - 5-7 minutes
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  • Weight/Size - 1.44/3oz
  • Usage - multipurpose
  • Base - polyurethane
  • Color - clear
  • Drying Time - 10-30 seconds
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Key Selection Options

Looking for the best adhesive for glass, consider several important factors. But for the materials to attach, estimate the adhesive application and versatility. If you need to meet some household items repair needs, multi-purpose and fast-bonding glue is preferable.

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Bonding or setting time might be decisive. Additionally, going to use the attached items indoors or outdoors, you estimate environment conditions, such as:

  1. Temperature.
  2. Humidity.
  3. Impact of sunlight and UV radiation.

If the repaired stuff has constant or occasional contact with water, it would require a special type of glue. I would also take into account health issues, that is the adhesive’s toxicity, smell. Your skin and eye irritation probabilities are to be eliminated by safety measures, proper ventilation, etc.

E6000 Bonds

Is E6000 a brand? I would tell, it’s rather a product line, incorporating several perfect adhesives. Thus, selecting a fast-bonging glue for glass to glass, find an amazing, sticky material that suits any application, household, craft or industrial within this range.

These amazing products are manufactured by Eclectic Products, Inc. It’s a family-owned company, that feels good about its successful, more than 60-year experience. It was established in 1952 in Pineville, Louisiana. Products such as E6000 craft have gained a lot of loyal customers.

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What Kind of Glue is E6000?

Whenever you are going to repair your cherished porcelain figurines, make jewelry or unique artwork out of small beads, this adhesive helps you to do the job. The glue is:

  • clear;
  • flexible;
  • photo-safe;
  • non-flammable;
  • temperature-resistant.

Upon curing, it can be washed and dried. What is the formula? It is based on perchloroethylene solvent. So, health hazards are to be considered. Meanwhile, it’s a clear, dense liquid. It stands out by distinctive, ether-like odor and low toxicity.

What about the glue properties? Comparing it with the best Gorilla Glues, I would highlight its perfect elasticity. 900% of elongation is a great showing. The adhesive is pretty strong and chemical-resistant.

What Will E6000 Stick to?

The glue is beneficially versatile. It’s recommended to bond various materials, including:

  • fabric;
  • ceramic;
  • glass;
  • wood;
  • plastics;
  • vinyl;
  • metal;
  • leather.

It’s highly recommended to repair or stick photographs, as it’s completely safe. So, it can be used as a great glue for glass to metal. As an example, when you need to attach a metal handle to a glass or ceramic kettle, why don’t you use this adhesive? A notable benefit of this glue is that it’s easy to use. You don’t have to mix ingredients or moisten the surfaces.

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What is Stronger than Gorilla Glue?

Making artworks, craftsmen and jewelers prefer using these sticking materials. They are clear and paintable. Application of the adhesive is not messy. However, if you need something more sizable and heavy-weight to attach, take another product from this line.

E6000 Industrial is specified to be a very tough adhesive. It’s known to be 2 times stronger than a polyurethane sticky material. Additionally, the adhesive is 60 times more flexible than Gorilla glue. It makes this product suitable for multiple construction applications, such as:

  • concrete and masonry installation;
  • trailer repair;
  • flooring adjusting;
  • PVC panels fastening.

This adhesive can be used outdoors, being resistant to UV radiation, water and dilute acids. Its tack time is just a bit longer than of quick-bonding Super Glue. Does E6000 smell go away? Unfortunately, it might be recognized even in a week after use. Don’t try to tolerate it, just arrange the proper ventilation or wear a respirator mask.

However, it’s virtually the only negative thing of Tetrachloroethylene solvents. Do, you want to avoid the smell? Yes, it’s possible. Just select the E6000 Plus adhesive. It’s odor-free! The glue contains no acids or solvents. Meanwhile, it’s still pretty flexible, safe to wash and dry.

How Strong is Gorilla Clear Grip vs E6000?

Gorilla Clear Grip and E6000 are both very strong glues, but E6000 is generally considered the stronger of the two, especially over time. Here’s a comparison:

Initial Bond Strength:

  • Gorilla Clear Grip forms an incredibly strong initial bond, capable of holding hundreds of lbs immediately when clamped properly.
  • E6000 also bonds tightly and dries fairly fast, though the initial grabbed may be slightly less than Gorilla glue.

Long Term Durability:

  • E6000 maintains its flexibility and bond strength for many years when attached to materials like metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc. It has proven durability even outdoors.
  • Gorilla Clear Grip can become slightly brittle over time. The rigid bond is more prone to loosening if attached materials shift frequently.

Resistance Levels:

  • Once fully cured, E6000 offers excellent water resistance and resistance to temperatures up to 180°F.
  • Gorilla Clear Grip is dishwasher safe once bonded correctly but can weaken over repeated hot water exposures.

E6000 does take longer to fully cure, but the end result is an incredibly strong yet flexible, waterproof bond that lasts. So while Gorilla glue has its place with fast bonds, E6000 is generally the tougher choice long term.

How Long Does it Take for Gorilla Glue Gel to Dry?

The famous adhesives were started to sell only in 1999. However, Gorilla Glue Company is reputed and reliable, as well as its famous competitors. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, family-owned and operated.

So, its top-quality adhesives are known as comparatively safe and odor-free ones. They are water-based, so, applications like furniture repair, artificial nail attaching and repairing of skin damages might be within their scope of abilities.

Is Gorilla Glue the same as Super Glue? One line of Gorilla Glue products is called this way. These adhesives are cyanoacrylates by nature. How long does gorilla glue take to set? So, they are known to dry within 10-45 seconds. Clamping within 24 hours might be still recommended if you are attaching large or heavy objects.

Do you wonder, how to make gorilla glue dry faster? Moisture, heat or radiation may accelerate the process. You might use a hairdryer. Meanwhile, if you attach small items, using a droplet of adhesive, it’s not necessary. The glue cures instantly. Just try not to glue your fingers together. Observe safety precautions and enjoy using your old, repaired, but cherished objects and collectibles.

Is E6000 Stronger Than Super Glue?

Yes, E6000 industrial adhesive is significantly stronger than standard super glues or cyanoacrylate adhesives. Here’s how they compare:

Bond Strength:

  • E6000 forms a durable bond strength rated at 2,500 psi when properly cured. This allows it to securely attach, fill gaps, and withstand shock/vibrations.
  • General super glues have a lower bond strength around 1,000-1,500 psi though special formulations may go up to 2,000 psi.

Cure Process:

  • E6000 cures through a chemical polymerization process, forming extensive cross-linked bonds over 24-72 hours.
  • Cyanoacrylate (super glues) cure very fast by reacting to surface moisture but have fewer bonding sites.


  • Once fully cured, E6000 maintains flexibility and adhesive capability for years without loosening or becoming brittle.
  • Super glues tend to degrade faster, losing strength as bonds age, especially with shifts, impacts, or temperature changes.

While super glue creates fast repairs, the overall adhesive limit and aging characteristics make E6000 the considerably tougher choice for high strength repairs that need to endure. It leaves super glue’s bonding power stuck in the dust!

Basic Parameters to Compare

Paralleling these amazing glues is a bit intricate. All of them are top-quality, versatile and quick-bonding. These products are beneficially made in the USA, offering unrivaled quality and reliable service support. However, some differences exist.

Conclusion: Differences between E6000 Glue and Gorilla Glue

Type of AdhesivesBaseTime to DryElongation, %Max. Temperature, °F
E6000 solvent5-7 min. 900 180
Gorilla Glue water 10-30 sec.600 220

What is the strongest glue in the world? Tensile strength of E6000 Craft Glue is specified as 3500 lb./in2. It’s confirmed by ASTM-D412 standard requirements. Original (polyurethane) Gorilla Glue has a strength of 8 MPa. Converting the values, we get 3626 lb./in2.

Is E6000 stronger than Gorilla Glue? According to our calculations, polyurethane Gorilla adhesive is a bit stronger, than E6000. Epoxy glue that belongs to Gorilla adhesives range, is even more durable. It withstands stress up to 30 MPa. By the way, upon curing, the glue can be used outdoors, at high temperatures, up to 300 °F. Let’s check the other important technical specs.

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  • You are Wrong about that, I’ve used both, and gorilla glue is no where as strong, or fast drying as E6000! I COMPLETELY and EMPHATICALLY disagree with you 100%! Gorilla glue doesn’t bond as fast, nor as thick as E6000, and it takes a far longer time before you can release the pieces you’re trying to bond together, before they will be completely bonded! I have had far more success with E6000 than I ever have with Gorilla glue! You must work for gorilla glue, because to me your reviews on the 2 products is completely biased towards Gorilla glue, and I’m just an ordinary housewife that has used both products, and knows which works better by my years of experience on the usage of both of them! So that’s my experience, and my honest opinion!

  • I have used both E6000 and Gorilla glue for different applications and has worked well. My question — is either for food safe related items? I’ve had 2 plastic dessert/cake decorator syringes that have cracked and/or the metal plunger has come from the plunger disc. Thanks so much for any information.

  • Hi Debbie,
    Sorry of course! We are in no way claiming that one adhesive is 100% better than another. We were just trying to highlight the difference between the two. find out the advantages and disadvantages. In any case, everyone has something for their different needs.

  • Hi Thomas,
    This is a rather sensitive question, and I cannot give a correct and unambiguous answer to it. Glue is glue: there may be an allergy to it or something else …

  • Hi Fran,
    Maybe it’s better not to use glue on kitchen utensils? Although the manufacturer claims to be safe. Maybe it’s better to get a new syringe for decorating baked goods?
    I can offer this version of an excellent set with a variety of accessories.