What is the Standard Height of a Desk?

what is the standard height of a desk

In January crowds of photo-snapping tourists go home. Now, you are to work hard again. Do you still work in remote mode? It’s a common practice nowadays. Thus, you may need to organize your workstation. Replacing old, unwieldy furniture might be necessary. What is the standard height of a desk? When you run a project alone at home, it might be difficult to focus on your activity. But don’t forget about your posture and health. Desk ergonomics is basic. A comfortable position of your body is essential. It may improve your productivity and performance, mitigating fatigue. Avoid muscle strain, feeling like chilling on the beach. How to get through it? Let’s define a grip of a decisive desk and chair features.

What is a Good Depth for a Desk?

If you are an office employee, January might be a busy time in your company. The OECD data show that Americans work 37 hours per week, on average. It takes about 7.4 hours per day, and January is no exception. Overtime might be a common practice.

Are you a remote worker? According to Statista, it’s a rapidly growing trend. Thus, 44% of American employees worked 5 days a week remotely in 2019. This opportunity lets you save 2-3 hours on commute. But you’ll have to sit at your best writing desk day by day. So let’s find out how deep should a desk be?

This way, you might be more:

  • productive;
  • flexible;
  • mobile;
  • secure;
  • developing and accomplished.

You get more time for your family, self-education, or entertainment. Additionally, you are free to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment. Desk vs table is not only smaller and more feature-rich. Application of this piece of furniture is different. You sit at it for hours, working hard. A desk commonly comes with a grip of drawers and shallows. It should be deep enough to accommodate all your essential stuff.

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What is the Ideal Desk Size?

It depends on the furniture type and purpose of use. Commonly, 28-30 inches of workspace is enough. Your computer desk should be perfectly deep. Above all, it has to fit your monitor, mouse, and keyboard. A wide desk houses a large computer. Meanwhile, if your room is small, you might prefer a space-saving piece of furniture.

What is the standard height of a computer desk? Commonly, it makes 29 or 30 inches. It suits lengthy, 6-feet-tall people. Is it comfortable? I would call the pieces of furniture desks for tall people. According to Wikipedia, average American men’s height is 5 ft. 9-1/2 in. An average woman in the USA is 5 ft. 4-1/2 in. Let’s compare it with standing desk height.

Human HeightSitting Desk Height, inStanding Desk Height, in
5’2” 23 37.5
5’6” 25 40.5
5’9” 26 42.5
6’0” 27 44

Is it daunting to find a work table for short person? It should be only 22-23 inches high. If so, prefer an adjustable piece of furniture. It lets you stand or sit comfortably while working. Opportunity to change your ergonomic position during the day has a grip of dank benefits.

What is the Best Height for My Desk?

Sitting at your desk for 7-8 hours every day is not healthy. A sedentary lifestyle may affect your health and life on the whole. How would you describe it? It’s not only physical inactivity but a decline in strength and energy expenditures. Thus, even staying at home, I would avoid overworking. Take a break and have a walk or go to the gym.

What about your workstation? Best desks for students are compact, multifunctional, and modern by design. A wall-mounted option is beneficial, as you can install it according to your height. Standing or adjustable options are beneficial. They let you move, avoiding common sedentary behavior risks.

If you still prefer a traditional piece of furniture, don’t forget to adopt your sitting posture. How do you measure the height of a desk? Distance from the floor to your elbows matters. Thus, you are to:

  1. Keep your back straight.
  2. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Place your feet firmly on the floor.
  4. Bend your hip joint at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Look forward to your monitor.

It’s necessary also to take a short break every hour. Stand up and move around your house to relax.

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What Is Standard Table Height?

It depends on your furniture applications. Console tables are tall, wide and narrow. Sitting or standing against walls, they furnish your hallways or entryways. Supported by thin, curved legs, console tables are rather decorative than functional. Even if corbels or brackets hold them firmly, you won’t brace against your console table.

Bedside options are small and space-saving. They serve you to place your phone or book. Keeping them close to your bed might be essential at night. But even if you don’t know how tall are tables, stick to a common rule. Lampshade is to line up with your eye level. While you are sitting standing or lying in your bed, it doesn’t matter.

Standing or adjustable by height desks are beneficial. They let you move, being active and vigorous: it boosts your productivity, performance and motivation. This way, you burn Christmas calories and exercise. But don’t forget to adjust your lighting source when you stand up or sit down.

It is helpful to use a balance board near standing tables, at least from time to time. It will help keep your legs toned and have a number of other useful functions.

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What is the Standard Height of a Desk Chair?

If you prefer a seated desk, it might be your good choice. Sometimes, you need to focus on your project. Negotiate with your business partners while doing exercises is not always appropriate. Thus, you can also correct your ergonomics, picking a suitable office chair.

Standard chair height is 18”. It corresponds to 27-30 inches-high desks and meets the needs of tall people. If your desk is too high, it may cause neck muscle tension. Nevertheless, adjustable options exist. They are commonly-used and hella popular, being:

  • ergonomic;
  • supportive;
  • sleek by design;
  • elegant-looking;
  • feature-rich.

So, you can adjust chair height for 30 inch table to your body. Moving the chair seat up and down, you should find comfortable feet and elbows position. Additionally, you can choose comfortable armrests’ height, width, length and pivot. Padded lumbar support keeps your lower back straight against the chair. It lets you maintain correct sitting posture without any muscle strain.

Is 32 inches Too High for a Desk?

Generally, a desk height of 32 inches is too high for the average person. The ideal desk height is usually considered to be around 28-30 inches. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding desk height:

  1. Ergonomics – For proper typing posture, your arms should form a 90-120 degree angle at your elbows and wrists while seated. This typically requires a desk height between 28-30 inches. At 32 inches, most people’s posture suffers from strained reaching or hunching.
  2. Seat Height – The ratio between your desk height and office chair seat height impacts ergonomic posture as well. For a 32 inch high desk, you would need a taller chair to properly align the body.
  3. Monitor Position – Similarly, a higher desk affects ideal monitor placement which should be just below eye level about an arm’s length away to prevent neck strain.
  4. Customization – Consider options like an adjustable standing desk to enable changing from sitting to standing positions. Or you can install keyboard trays to lower the typing plane on especially tall desks.

While up to 32 inches may work for particularly tall individuals, most find that excessive for long-term use. Shoot for 28-30 inches desk height for ergonomic alignment. Get creative with adaptable risers and mounts if fixed higher.

Bottom Line

Are you going to select new comfortable furniture? Knowing standard office desk dimensions, be flexible in your decision-making. Firstly, pay attention to your height and body ergonomics. Secondly, consider adjustable desk and chair options. Above all, equip your room or study with a comfortable workstation. Secure and emotionally-positive environment is beneficial. It lets you be more productive and flexible. Additionally, you save time for your daily chores and recreation.

John J. Winter

Hello and welcome to my glass desk blog! My name is John. I live and work in LA. As an interior designer, I would like to give you some simple pieces of advice. I hope they help you to select the best desk and maintain it properly, without any efforts.


  • In the workplace, having a comfortable height for a desk is important. The right height will ensure that you are comfortable and able to spend the entire day in your office, without having to keep standing up and sitting back down. Finding the right height depends on the type of work that you do. For example, for those whose job requires them to sit all day, having a desk that is higher would make it easier for them to stand up and walk around it to look at documents or other materials kept in the back of the room. For those whose job requires them to be on their feet more, a lower desk would give them more leverage to stand up and walk around. A comfortable height desk should be determined by how tall each individual is.

  • What is the standard table height? This is the distance between the floor and the table top. It is important to understand the difference between a dining table and a writing desk. The standard dining table height is usually 30 inches. However, the standard table height is typically 28 inches.